Help with Council Tax


Council tax can be a substantial part of a household's monthly outgoings but there are several ways to reduce the bill or get help with paying it.

This information sheet explains how exemptions, discounts and disability reductions work, as well as describing the means tested council tax benefit system.

Contents include:

  • Who is liable to pay Council Tax?
  • Council Tax bills and payment
  • Help with reducing the amount of council tax payable
  • Council Tax exemptions
  • Council Tax discounts
  • Who is disregarded?
  • Checking if a discount applies to a dwelling
  • Applying for an exemption or discount
  • How to check if an exemption or discount has been awarded
  • Backdating of Council Tax exemptions and discounts
  • Disability reduction
  • Application for a disability reduction
  • Council Tax benefit
  • Challenging decisions
  • Second Adult rebate
  • Discounts for certain payment arrangements

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