I'll get by with a little help from my friends


 Dementia doesn't just affect the person with the illness. It affects their families, friends, neighbours and the other people they meet.

My mum's friends don't visit anymore. She doesn't understand why and she seems really lonely.

- Carer

He doesn't know who I am and I don't know what to say. So I find visiting him very difficult.

- Friend

Most information about dementia is written specifically for professionals, family carers or people with dementia themselves, but many people find it hard to know what to do or how to help when a friend has a diagnosis.  They often find it difficult to stay in touch with a friend who has dementia and their partner, spouse and family.  This can mean that people with dementia and their carers can become very isolated. 

This booklet recognises some of the challenges of maintaining friendships with people living with dementia and suggests ways that friends can stay involved and supportive.

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