A Guide for Families Living With Dementia in Argyll, Bute and Highland


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Who is it for?

The guides are for families that are supporting a family member or friend with dementia. They aim to make sure that no-one goes through dementia alone.

The guides have been produced from listening to families living with dementia across Argyll, Bute and Highland. We are indebted to the time and commitment given by them.

What is in it?

The guides are made up of 3 sections:

  • Section 1 outlines important things for families to know and consider. It also provides details of where to find out more information.
  • Section 2 outlines staff you are likely to have contact with and what their roles are.
  • Section 3 lists what supports are available in your area for:
    • family carers
    • the person with dementia
    • … and how to access them.

How to get a copy?

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Argyll and Bute area

Highland area

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The research report produced along with the guides is available at: Specialist dementia support for families, carers and communities

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