Music Therapy, Care Home teams and dementia

Music Therapy, Care Home teams and dementia


Driving and Dementia

Co-designing journeying through dementia

"Communicating in Grace’s World”


Taking care to the patient paramedics/ambulance

Public Health & Brain Health in Action

Podiatry Talking Mats from development to practice

National AHP Webinar Series

From Frail to Hale and Hearty AHP Dementia Webinar

Just Move: Keeping moving with dementia.

Music and Dementia AHP Dementia Webinar

National AHP Webinar Series

Connecting you to support to live well with dementia in a care home

Connecting you to support everyday - AHP Dementia Webinar

Social media: learning for the success of the @AHPDementia Twitter Team

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Let's talk about occupation and cognitive impairment in an acute hospital setting

Lets talk about learning disabilities and cognitive impairment

Let's talk about stairlifts and cognitive impairment

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Making Exercise Programs Work for People Living with Dementia

A rights based approach to driving and dementia

Demystifying Delirium - An informative user's guide

Dementia Awareness Week 2020

Enhancing lives through technology

Staying physically active during Covid

Sharing good news and meaningful activity with people in hospital

DAW 2020

Supporting people to eat and drink well with dementia

Connecting People, Connecting Support Online