Challenge Yourself, Change Dementia

Let’s start 2021 as we mean to go on; looking after ourselves while supporting people with dementia!  Whether you are taking up a new hobby, giving something up or stepping up and setting a new challenge, this is the year to do it! 

We’re asking you to set yourself a personal goal for January or February. Challenge yourself and change dementia in 3 easy steps

Whatever you decide to do we will be here to support you. Not sure what to do? Be inspired by our suggestions below:


  •    You’re sweet enough!  - Cut out the sugar

  •  Dry run -  Pledge to go booze free for January or try turbo mode and pledge to drink only water!

  •   Quit that bad habit – Nail biters, no lunch-time takers we’re looking at you!


  •  Hobby lobby - Do you have a hobby that has fallen by the wayside? Start again today!

  •   Take a breather - Daily meditation or yoga.  Taking time out for yourself is important for your heart and mind

  •  Living on the veg – Can you go vegan for a month?


  •     Couch to 5k – got the app but not done anything with it? Now is the time!

  •   It’s in the bag - Lace up your boots and go “munro bagging”

  •    Little acts of kindness - Do one small thing every day for someone else.

  •   21for21 -  Run, walk, cycle or swim 21km