Ahead of the Scottish General Election on Thursday 6 May, Alzheimer Scotland will be asking our members and supporters to contact their candidates to sign a pledge to deliver Fair Dementia Care for people with advanced dementia. 

Alzheimer Scotland is calling on candidates from all political parties to end the inequities people with advanced dementia face, and pledge to deliver Fair Dementia Care by committing to:   

  • Ensuring that every person with advanced dementia, living in a care home, has an individual assessment of their health and nursing care needs.   

  • Support an increase in Free Personal and Nursing Care payments to a level which is equal to the actual cost of the care people with advanced dementia need.   

To read more about the history of our campaign, click on the links below. To find out who your candidates are, visit https://whocanivotefor.co.uk/

Below is a brief synopsis of the support shown so far by each of the main Scottish Political Parties:

Scottish Conservative Party: to ensure everyone with advanced dementia receives an individual assessment of their health and care needs, and to reviewing the changes required to ensure personal and nursing care payments sufficiently cover the cost of care.

Scottish Labour Party: to make social care freely available at the point of need by reversing the recent narrowing of eligibility criteria, ending the disparity between health and social care and removing all non-residential charges. 

SNP: to take forward the recommendations of the Feeley review, establish a new National Care Service, increase investment in social care by 25% and scrap all non-residential social care charges for those who need support.

Liberal Democrat Party: to make sure people do not have to pay for their care when they have advanced dementia.

Scottish Green Party: to building a care system which is centred on people not price

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