How does the Alzheimer Tartan support dementia research?

Our research teams explore ways to prevent or cure dementia, while others focus on improving quality of life for people living with dementia now.


“Through research we aim to identify causes of dementia, search for a potential cure, and discover ways to prevent or delay the illness and support people living with dementia today”. Professor Craig Ritchie, SDRC

Research projects

One of the research projects that the Alzheimer Tartan will support is the Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre. This research team is based at The University of Edinburgh and they investigate the causes and treatment of dementia, and care provided by relatives and friends. They also maintain and develop the dementia brain tissue bank. The brain tissue bank is essential to increasing our understanding how particular symptoms in life correlate with what we see in the brain after death, and this helps us to develop better treatments.

We are absolutely committed to caring for people with dementia today and invested in finding a cure for tomorrow. 

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