Free personal care and nursing care


Personal care includes help with:

  • personal assistance - help with dressing, surgical appliances, getting up & going to bed, using a hoist

  • personal hygiene - bathing, washing hair, shaving, oral hygiene, nail care

  • continence management - toileting, catheter/stoma care, skin care, extra laundry, bed changing

  • food and diet - help with eating, special diets, meal services, preparing specialist meals such as pureed food

  • problems of immobility as they affect personal care, and help with moving about indoors Free personal care and nursing care

  • behaviour management and psychological support, including reminding and safety devices

  • simple treatments - help with eye drops, creams and lotions, simple dressings, oxygen therapy.

We've put together a brief guide on what personal care and nursing care means for people with dementia which covers:

  • what is meant by personal care

  • people in their own home

  • people living in a care home

To talk to someone about dementia, call our 24 Hour Dementia Helpline. 

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