Free personal care and nursing care - a brief guide


Free personal and nursing care arrangements in Scotland came into effect on 1 July 2002 under the Community Care and Health (Scotland) Act 2002.

  • Personal care will be provided free for people over 65, provided they are assessed as needing it.
  • Personal care will be free both for older people living in their own home and for those living in care homes.
  • Nursing care will be free for people of any age living in care homes, provided they are assessed as needing it.
  • Alzheimer Scotland continues to campaign for equal treatment for people with dementia of all ages.

This is a brief guide to what this means for people with dementia who need personal or nursing care. The first part looks at what is meant by personal care, the second covers people in their own home and the third covers people living in a care home on 1 July 2002 or who move in after that date.

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