Making decisions about future treatment


If you have dementia, it is likely that you will gradually become less able to make decisions for yourself. This means that you could be given medical treatment that you would not normally want, or other decisions could be taken that go against what you would like.

It can be difficult to plan for the future when you don’t know what the future holds. But by setting out your preferences you can help people to understand how you wish to be treated. 

The ways of planning for your future treatment are:

  • making a general advance statement for your physical care and for most of your dementia care
  • making an advance statement only concerning compulsory treatment for your dementia, if you need it in the future
  • appointing someone else to take over from you when you are unable to make decisions yourself (granting a welfare power of attorney)
  • making no plans, leaving it entirely to others to make the major decisions for you.

To talk to someone about dementia, call our 24 Hour Dementia Helpline. 

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