Dementia - Money and Legal Matters: a Guide - Volume 1


Alzheimer Scotland has published a new, fully-updated edition of this vital guide which is aimed at people with early stage dementia and at family and friends helping or caring for someone with dementia at any stage of the illness. It will help to sort out day-to-day money matters and suggests arrangements for the future that the person with dementia may need to consider while he or she is able to make decisions.

The guide is designed to help from immediately after diagnosis to when the person with dementia is no longer capable of taking decisions or handling his or her affairs at all.

Now produced as a two volume set, it answers questions such as:

  • How can a financial or welfare power of attorney help?
  • How can I access money in my relative's account to pay their bills?
  • What benefits can we apply for?
  • What will happen to my house if I go into a care home?
  • Does my relative need a guardian?

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