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The Carer Training Programme is a training and information service designed specifically for family carers of people with dementia.

I was trained to be an engineer. No one ever showed me how to be a carer
Husband (Motherwell)

The Carer Training Programme is a training and information service designed specifically for family carers of people with dementia. Alzheimer Scotland has been involved in the provision and promotion of carer training for over a decade.

The service was initially devised and developed as a direct response to carers’ voiced dissatisfaction with the quality and quantity of information concerning dementia and its consequences and is based on research supporting the theory that information and skills training are as important an intervention in reducing carer stress as support groups and counselling.

Each local Alzheimer Scotland service provides carer training courses which means that carers in urban, rural and remote areas of Scotland all have access to this service

Courses are based firmly on the principle that family carers already have a wealth of expertise about dementia care – these courses enable that expertise to be recognised and shared with other carers in a supportive and non-judgemental environment

Everyone was put at ease and made to feel that their questions and contributions were worthwhile
Husband (Kirkcaldy)

What are the aims of the Carer Training Programme?

The Carer Training Programme aims to:

  • Give carers realistic information about topics related to dementia
  • Improve and extend the care of people with dementia
  • Increase carers’ awareness of their rights and local resources
  • Increase the confidence carers have in their ability to cope
  • Help carers to recognise their status as carers and recognise their own personal limitations.

These aims are realised through:

  • Identifying the training needs of carers
  • Developing and organising training for carers throughout Scotland
  • Maintaining professional standards of practice
  • Designing, developing and delivering training courses
  • Training and supporting staff and members of Alzheimer Scotland.

How does carer training benefit carers?

Carers are often left to cope with the consequences of a diagnosis of dementia in their loved one with little or no practical information that might help them to manage better. These courses are designed to help carers understand the condition and increase their confidence in their own ability to cope. Apart from providing coping strategies and information they give carers the opportunity to meet others who find themselves in the same situation.

Carers often find this contact with other carers is at least as valuable as any formal input. The courses are designed in a variety of ways to maximise the likelihood that carers can attend, for instance, they may take place over six two hour sessions, or over two full days or four half days, during the day or evenings.

“It was very interesting and informative. Had I known at an earlier stage the reasons behind certain actions and how to deal with them, life could have been less traumatic for mother and I”
Daughter (Glasgow)

What topics are covered?

The most popular topics requested by carers are:

  • What is dementia?
  • Coping with challenging behaviour
  • Coping with communication changes
  • Promoting continence
  • Legal issues
  • Welfare benefits
  • Long-stay care.

Because I was consulted before the course about its contents, I found that it was of great value to me personally Daughter (Inverness)

How do carers access carer training courses?

Please contact your local service to find out when the next Carer Training course is running; see Where we are to find a service in your area. Courses are free to all carers.

I did not understand this illness before the course, but I feel I do now
Husband (Wick)

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