Carer training courses


All carer training courses are designed in complete consultation with those who will be attending. This means that the content of the course, when it occurs and where it occurs are all decided upon with reference to the needs of the carers who will be attending.

However, a typical course may include the following topics:

What is dementia? Looking at the various conditions which cause the symptoms of dementia, prevalence, risk factors, new medications.

Promoting communication. Why communication is difficult; is communication possible with everyone? alternative forms of communication.

Coping with challenging behaviour. Why do challenging behaviours occur? behaviour as communication; who does the "problem" belong to?

Legal issues and dementia. Financial and welfare issues, powers of attorney, wills, trusts, legal issues surrounding payment for long-stay care.

Promoting continence. What is incontinence? environmental "blocks" to incontinence; practical management issues; continence products available - what they are and how to use them.

Other topics which have proved popular and are often included in courses are:

  • Welfare rights
  • Local services available for carers and their relatives
  • Medication and dementia
  • Activities in the home
  • Life History work
  • Looking towards long-stay care
  • Remaining involved after long-stay care
  • Stress management for carers
  • Assertiveness for carers
  • First Aid

Many more topics have been included in courses - these are just a sample.

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