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It is with mixed emotions that we have to let you all know that the fund is nearly exhausted for this year and we will be suspending the April panel while we assess what funds we have left and confirm how many breaks we have left to give. We are sad to suspend the panel, but so pleased that we have been able to help over sixty carers to achieve ‘Time to Live’.

We have acknowledged all breaks received so far… and these will be on hold until the next panel. We will keep you informed.

But on another note…

Cottages and Castles are asking their owners… to donate breaks as they did two years ago! We are awaiting their responses, but are so excited about this opportunity! We will also keep everyone updated, as this meant so much too so many people the last time the owners shared their amazing properties!

Alzheimer Scotland was granted a further year’s funding for Creative Breaks, which offers people with dementia and their family, friends and carers the opportunity to direct their own support. This is through short breaks, activities and equipment needs that are personalised to the individual, as they are created by those taking the breaks. The competition for funding was higher than ever this year and we are truly humbled to be given the opportunity to continue to be able to offer people ‘Time to Live’!

Information on the fund

The Fund provides grants of up to £300 (except in exceptional circumstances), to provide around 65 short breaks, activities and purchased equipment throughout Scotland. The funding is open to all ages and is assessed by need, not means.

The aim is to improve the well-being of carers and the people they care for by supporting the financial aspects behind a relaxing break, or activities and equipment that will help relieve the everyday stresses of supporting someone with a diagnosis of dementia.

As always we are endeavouring to reach even more carers who would not traditionally apply for this type of funding. We still have areas which we find difficult to encourage people to apply from and we will be working hard this year to create the right connections. We aim to reach all of those who would like at access a creative break, irrespective of age, geographical location or cultural background.

The best part yet? You get to be as creative as you want when you apply for funding!

Are you eligible for a Creative Breaks grant? 

  • Are you caring for someone with a diagnosis of dementia?
  • Do you need a short break?
  • Have you not had a short break in the past 12 months?

If you answered 'yes' to the above, you may be eligible to apply for a Creative Breaks grant through Alzheimer Scotland in conjunction with Shared Care Scotland on behalf of the Short Breaks Fund. Those who received funding since September 2015 would not be eligible to re-apply in the coming year.

Creative ideas to consider for your funding application

  • What do you enjoy spending time doing? Would renewing a hobby or interest help recharge your batteries?
  • Would you like an overnight stay away from your caring responsibilities?
  • Would you like a break away together with the person you care for, maybe to visit a well-loved haunt?
  • Would you like funding to help you go away for a special occasion?
  • Is there an item or a piece of equipment that would make things less stressful?

Be as creative as you like with ideas that will help you feel supported. For more information on Creative Breaks CLICK HERE.

What past participants have said:

“The reality is that seven days away was about all we could manage on a very tight budget. The support of Alzheimer's Scotland towards engaging a stand-in carer made that possible.” Carer

“To have a break from day to day life is a release for me. I enjoy getting away for a short break. It lets me enjoy life rather than be bogged down with worries.” PWD

“Overall the break was really great. The change of scenery and the time to focus on my Mum allowed it to be special, with a lot of great memories.” Carer

“I think my mother, who I care for, also benefited from a break from me!” Carer 

The fund is now for new applications. Panels for the funding are as follows:

24 November 2016

No December panel

27 January 2017

24 February 2017

24 March 2017

28 April 2017

An application for short break fund can be accessed here and guidance can be accessed by clicking here.

For more information contact Angi Inch on 07976 618419 or email

If you don't find what you are looking for please let us know

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