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Employee Benefits

An overview of benefits available to Alzheimer Scotland employees. Full details are given to staff on appointment.

Employee Training and Development

Alzheimer Scotland believes that effective induction, training, support and development of all its staff and volunteers are key factors in providing job satisfaction and achieving high quality service delivery to people with dementia and their carers.

We are committed to providing appropriate training and personal development opportunities for staff and volunteers and we strive to maintain equal access to appropriate training and development opportunities for all staff and volunteers.

Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQ)

We are a Scottish Qualifications Authority approved centre providing Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQ)

  • Health & Social Care Level 2
  • Health & Social Care Level 3
  • Health & Social Care Level 4
  • Leadership in Management and Care Level 4
  • SVQ Health and Social Care (Adults) Levels 2,3 & 4 (2005)

Annual Leave

Staff are entitled to 25 days annual leave plus 11 public holidays per calendar year (pro rata for part-time staff). Employees with 5 or more years’ continuous service will be entitled to 30 days annual leave.

HSF Health Plan For You and Your Family

This is a cash back scheme to claim for a range of health benefits such as dental, optical, birth and adoption grants, specialist appointments, stress, legal and medical help lines.

  • If you pay through payroll you receive a discounted rate.


This is an online service, which enables staff and volunteers to take advantage of discounts on a range of services and products. See mydiscounts.co.uk

Death in Service Benefit

No-one likes to think about death and dying but there is merit in being prepared for the unexpected which is why we take out insurance policies to ensure that our families are cared for. Alzheimer Scotland operates a Death in Service Scheme for the benefit of all employees who are aged 16 to 75. Inclusion in the scheme ceases on reaching the age of 75 or on leaving the organisation.

What benefit is provided?

The benefit provided is a lump sum of 3 times your annual basic salary or a lump sum of 3 times your P60 from the last financial year before death if your are on a sessional contract.

Child Care Vouchers

In the same way that salary exchange can be used for pension contributions, it can also be used to purchase child care vouchers, to assist with the cost of your childcare. This means that an employee formally agrees to a reduction in his or her salary and instead receives an equivalent amount in other benefits (e.g. childcare vouchers, pension, etc).

SCVO Credit Union

Alzheimer Scotland is a member of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO). Employees can save with the Credit Union via the company payroll.

Payroll Giving

Alzheimer Scotland operates a payroll-giving scheme open to all employees, which allows you to make monthly pre-tax donation to a charity of your choice. The amount that you choose to give will be deducted from your salary and sent to the charity.

Other benefits

  • Career progression
  • Membership of a pension scheme
  • Eye care vouchers
  • Flexible working contracts
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