A graphic depicting that 20,000 people have now participated in Join Dementia Research studies.

Alzheimer Scotland is welcoming the news that over 20,000 study participants have been involved in vital research thanks to Join Dementia Research across the UK.

The innovative service allows anyone to register their interest in dementia research so that they can be matched to potential studies they may be eligible to take part in.

Stats show 20,167 participants in total have now been recruited to studies, 410 of which are in Scotland.

Research for everyone

This milestone has been reached because of the range of studies which have used the service to date.

While some participants have taken part in drug trials, scans or genetic and cognitive tests, others have helped with studies to improve the quality of life of people with dementia.

Many have taken part in surveys, online activities and questionnaire studies as well.

If you have matched to a survey, questionnaire or online activity on Join Dementia Research but haven’t yet taken part, please consider doing so.

Helping out from home in this way can be just as valuable as taking part in a study in a hospital. Surveys, questionnaires and other online activities help give scientists the knowledge they need to improve dementia prevention, diagnosis, care and treatments.

Looking to the future

This is an important milestone, but we still need more people to sign up to Join Dementia Research and get involved in studies in Scotland.

The more people who register, the more studies can find the participants they need to help people living with dementia now and in the future.

So if you haven’t already, please sign up, and if you have, please help us spread the word so we can bring more volunteers and researchers together.

Study spotlight: PREVENT dementia

The NHS Prevent Dementia Team in Edinburgh are currently looking for volunteers to participate in a research study. They are looking for male and female participants, and those with and without a family history of dementia, to allow them to understand risk factors in different population groups. If you, or your friends or family, are interested in joining, please register your details here.