Ann Hill, Alzheimer Scotland's quilter-in-residence, was recognised for her contribution to voluntary and charity services in the New Years Honour List. 

Ann was awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) for her tireless work in Dumfries and Galloway. For over 10 years she has sewed memory quilts and inspired people all over the world to get stitching for dementia. Notably, Ann covered the pitch of the national stadium at Hampden with a record-breaking 5,000 quilts with the memories of people with dementia as part of her engagement with the Football Memories project. As well as exhibiting her quilts locally, nationally and internationally, she has also raised over £100,000 for Alzheimer Scotland, which is a remarkable sum of money.

The impact Ann, and her incredible quilts, has had on the lives of so many people with dementia and their families is monumental. Ann sits with each family and discusses their memories, or what may trigger a memory, and then makes a quilt from there. The hope is that the quilts then evoke conversation and reminiscence amongst people with dementia and their families.

Ann Hill with her quilts

Henry Simmons, Alzheimer Scotland Chief Executive said: "For over 10 years, Ann has been an incredible volunteer and ambassador for Alzheimer Scotland. As our quilter-in-residence, Ann plays such an important role in the lives of so many people with dementia and their families by helping them to create a memory quilt, all in line with our mission of making sure nobody faces dementia alone. The extent of Ann’s determination and abilities were demonstrated when she set herself the challenge of covering the whole of Hampden Park in memory quilts. Quilts came flooding in from throughout Scotland and across the globe and she did it, covering every inch of the park. She led all the volunteers and people involved and she made that and her many other events a remarkable successes, raising vital funds and awareness for our cause.

Ann motivates, inspires and educates wherever she goes. She is a remarkable person who is an integral part of our Alzheimer Scotland family and she richly deserves this recognition."

A huge congratulations Ann!