A family friendly 5K route, Supernova Kelpies 5K takes place at dusk around the iconic Falkirk Kelpies and is an event like no other.

Participants receive head torches to wear as they explore the home of two 30-metre high horses. Alongside runners hoping to achieve their best time you will also find groups of friends and families running together to take in the atmosphere, not as concerned about being first across the finish line.

Lynsey Bryce from West Lothian, completed the event in November and is already signed up to take part in 2022’s event in March. She told us,

“Sadly a few months ago my Dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia, and at only 70 years old is being affected quite badly by this. I don’t really know much about this disease, I’m learning but I am shocked at how quickly he has changed.

My dad has always been an outdoors and active man. He worked as a Landscape gardener for most of his life and was working as a gardener until July this year. We knew something wasn’t right as he was clearly struggling with his memory, and very slow. He lost his spark.”

Lynsey Bryce Supporter story
Lynsey at Supernova Kelpies 5K with her son Eoin.

Speaking about her fundraising challenge, Lynsey shared with us her advice to others considering signing up to an event in honour of a loved one,


“Go and enjoy yourself, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone a little can be rewarding!  Doesn’t matter about being fast, it’s all about doing it, singing along to the music, cheering others on and if you can raise funds to support a good cause then even better.”

Understanding the importance of her dad Colin staying active, Lynsey enjoys walking with him and her son Eoin. Along with her sister Nicola, they also ensure Colin keeps up his hobbies including weekly indoor bowling.

Lynsey told us,

“We walked up Cockelroy in Beecraigs and nearly got blown off the top. On the way down he was making sure Eoin was ok and made him take his hand. I can’t explain how much this meant to me, especially following a few “bad” days with him.

My sister and I are trying to make things as good as possible, Nicola is able to make sure he still gets to his indoor bowling every week, which we think is so important. He gets out the house and interacts with others and the bowling club are great in keeping Nicola informed if he’s left his bag or keys etc!”.

In addition to completing two 5K runs and fundraising through her JustGiving page, Lynsey has also been getting creative by making dog jumpers to sell, with all sales going towards her fundraising target.

Lynsey Bryce - dog jumpers
Lynsey Bryce's handmade dog jumpers- all sales go towards her fundraising.

TeamAlzScot want to thank Lynsey for her dedication and commitment to supporting Alzheimer Scotland with her inspiring fundraising activities.

There’s not long to wait until the next Supernova Kelpies event. Taking place between Friday 18-Sunday 20 March. You can register for just £5 with an exclusive Alzheimer Scotland charity entry. 

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