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With dementia once again dominating the daily news headlines Alzheimer Scotland’s Research Manager, Lindsay Kinnaird, responds to the latest National Records of Scotland (NRS) report ‘Scotland’s Population 2017’. As well as reporting on wider population trends the report outlined that dementia and Alzheimer’s disease has overtaken heart disease as Scotland’s most common cause of death for woman and is the second common cause for men.

Lindsay Kinnaird, Research Manager from Alzheimer Scotland, said: “Dementia is Scotland’s most pressing public health issue, with this population data release further underlying the importance of coordinated action. This increase in the number of deaths attributed to dementia highlights the important role of diagnosis to ensure that people with dementia receive coordinated care, support and treatment throughout the course of the illness.  Dementia is a complex condition that requires specialist support for those providing day-to-day care, particularly as the illness advances and at end-of-life. 

“This is once again a stark reminder that dementia is a public health priority at a local, national and global level. Overall we need much more research into the causes of dementia, treatments and supports that allow people to live well with dementia, as well as seeking to prevent and even cure of the condition.”

If you have any questions about dementia call Alzheimer Scotland’s 24 Hour Helpline on 0808 808 3000.