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Best Community Support Initiative was won by NHS Ayrshire and Arran for their entry - 'Bridging the gap between acute and community care'.

This initiative was developed in the aim of developing a referral process which would enable people with dementia and their families/carers to have access to individualised dementia-specific support and advice from an Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Advisor, both during and post admission to acute hospital care.

Through supporting the implementation of this initiative, the Dementia Advisor and Acute Care staff have enabled people with dementia and their family members/carers to experience feelings of increased comfort and hope during difficult times; to feel supported in making informed decisions about care and to facilitate successful discharges home from hospital. 

Best Dementia Friendly Community Initiative was won by Stonehouse Jubilee Club for their entry - 'Music, Fun and Laughter'.

Dementia Friendly SDA

The Stonehouse Jubilee Club is a social afternoon for people with dementia, and their carer run by volunteers and meets on Thursday afternoons in Stonehouse Lifestyles Centre. 

We offer various activities - reminiscence quizzes; entertainers; outings – but focus mainly on music. The Jubilee Jammers are four volunteers who taught themselves ukulele and as well as being the club resident band, they receive invitations to entertain other community organisations for a donation to the club.

The SJC offers a support service to people with dementia who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get into the Club.  Our motto is:  Music…Laughter… Friendship.

There are lots of innovative projects taking place across Scotland. Find out what support is available in your community.