Cold Calling

As more people struggle with rising energy prices, people may attempt to exploit the cost of living crisis by providing misleading information about products and services and posting misleading adverts and reviews online.

Trading Standards Scotland and Police Scotland have launched a “Shut out Scammers” campaign, running 25 April - 22 May. The campaign aims to empower consumers with the knowledge to spot a scam, and to encourage the reporting of doorstep crime.

Here are top tips and advice in avoiding cold calling:

  • If you are worried about a vulnerable neighbour or relative you can request a free 'No Cold Calling' sticker from your local council - make sure scammers know they're not welcome. 
  • Never feel obligated to answer the door to a cold caller. Legitimate traders will expect to be challenged and wait while you verify their identity through phoning a company number on their official website. 
  • During the summer months, there are regular reports of rogue traders visiting homes in Scotland offering to do maintenance work. Never feel under pressure to make an immediate decision. Always conduct plenty of research before commencing any work. 

In an emergency, report suspicious behaviour to Police Scotland on 101, or 999. Report scams to Advice Direct Scotland on 0808 164000 or at