Mis-selling of Energy Efficiency Measures

As more people struggle with rising energy prices, people may attempt to exploit the cost of living crisis by providing misleading information about products and services and posting misleading adverts and reviews online.

Trading Standards Scotland and Police Scotland have launched a "Shut out Scammers" campaign, running 25th April - 22nd May. The campaign aims to empower consumers with the knowledge to spot a scam, and to encourage the reporting of doorstep crime. 

Here are top tips in protecting yourself and others against misleading information and rogue traders:

  • The mis-selling of energy measures is on the increase with a 20% increase in scam calls. Adverts on social media promoting deals or funding for energy efficiency products can be misleading. What these ads say can be different to what they actually mean. 
  • Don't believe cold callers or online adverts. Seek legitimate and trusted advice from Home EnergyScot.
  • Many online adverts and cold callers are misleading with offers of cheaper energy saving measures. Always seek impartial advice before agreeing to have any work done from HomeEnergyScot
  • Scammers can use social media ads to gather your data to cold call you. Always research companies independently before giving them your contact details or filling out online questionnaires. 
  • Cold callers may try to sell energy saving measures that are not necessary or needed, always seek free, impartial advice from HomeEnergyScot

Find out more tips and advice here:


In an emergency, report suspicious behaviour to Police Scotland on 101, or 999. Report scams to Advice Direct Scotland on 0808 1646000 or at www.consumeradvice.scot.