Supporters get in the festive fitness spirit with 12 Days of FITMAS

Combining home fitness with a festive touch, 12 Days of FITMAS is designed to provide vital funds through supporters donating £12 whilst staying active and healthy during this unfamiliar festive season.

Kazanna Davis, 28 from Renfrewshire is one supporter who is halfway through the challenge. Opting for the highest difficulty level, Kazanna tells us why she has signed up,

“I’m doing the FITMAS challenge in memory of my Grandmother, Anna, who suddenly passed away during lockdown in April from Vascular Dementia at the age of 86 in her care home. I'm also doing this for others living with this disease. I was very close to my Grandmother as I stayed overnight most weekends when I was a kid and visited her weekly in her care home with my dog who adored her!”.

Throughout November and December Alzheimer Scotland are inviting people to complete the 12 Day challenge, make a donation of £12 and encourage others to sign up. Centered around home fitness exercises with various difficulty levels to suit all abilities.

Kazanna has been enjoying keeping fit over lockdown with a personal trainer, which encouraged her to take on the highest level of difficulty for the challenge. She tells us more,

“I have lost just under 2 stone during lockdown thanks to my PT so I found this quite easy for a change, since I'm a lot fitter than I was before and it's great fun to do. I'm sure my Gran would have wanted to join in too as she was a very sporty person before her dementia worsened a few years ago. She loved going to the gym, walking, dancing and swimming plus my gran could do the splits! I highly recommend 12 days of FITMAS to others as you'll feel great afterwards and it will lift your spirits for Christmas”.

Kazanna FITMAS

This year has forced people to move online in order to work, socialise and support charity. Alzheimer Scotland are encouraging online engagement through the challenge to connect with their supporters and shine a light on the fantastic efforts across the country whilst raising funds for people living with dementia in Scotland.

To connect with supporters, all participants are invited to join Alzheimer Scotland’s closed Facebook group where people can meet other participants, share their achievements and support each other. Participants are provided with step by step instructions, a festive playlist and a demonstration video by personal trainer and supporter Steven Gordon.

Sarah Cheung, Alzheimer Scotland’s Stakeholder Engagement Lead said,

“We’re so excited to launch our festive fun challenge this winter. This challenge is a quick daily dose of exercise (think high knees, star jumps, lunges!) to keep you moving during the winter months. We’ve got a great step by step guide with different options to make it inclusive for all abilities. The festive season is something many of us look forward to, but it can be a stressful time for people with dementia, their families and carers. Sadly, the pandemic has only exacerbated this. We hope the 12 Days of FITMAS will help us continue to raise funds to provide support and joy for people whilst our supporters stay active and healthy during this unfamiliar festive season”.

You can sign up to the challenge today, and choose anytime in November- December to begin the challenge.