After eight months, our Dundee Dementia Resource Centre is the first of our 21 Centres to have re-opened its doors.

Following approval from the local Health and Social Care Partnership, our Dundee team were able to successfully offer Day Care to two attendees, ensuring strict adherence to social distancing and infection control policies. Re-opening the Day Care has given people with dementia the opportunity to participate in therapeutic activity whilst providing carers and families with a much-needed short period of respite.

Nikki Lorimer, Locality Leader, said: “It was absolutely wonderful to be able to re-open our doors after  being closed for nearly eight months. Prior to lockdown, our Dundee Day Care was supporting 24 people between Wednesday and Saturday, with up to 12 people attending each session. When we were going through the process of re-opening the Centre we identified that, of this 24, five people were able to return immediately and another two may return in future.

The session comprised of a reminiscence activity about cinemas and dance halls and later in the morning, we joined a digital chair exercise group. It’s certainly different in terms of size, however more needed than ever. One carer remarked that it felt like Christmas had come early as it offered them a small amount of respite. The five individuals identified were grouped into two ‘bubbles’ based on whether they had shared interests or existing friendships meaning the service remains truly person-centred.”

Dundee Dementia Resource Centre

Prior to attending the Day Care, pre-attendance calls were undertaken to ensure that the person with dementia had no coronavirus symptoms and the two staff within the centre also checked their temperatures. During the session, one staff member took responsibility for the cleaning and infection control tasks, as well as making any refreshments meaning the other person could run the session and minimise too much movement in the Centre.

One attendee said “It’s so good to be back, it’s a great place and I’ve missed it” and another said “I live alone and my family are really good to me but it’s not the same as being here and having the company.”

We are delighted to have re-opened our first Day Care and are planning for the next Centre to open. Meanwhile, we are continuing with our digital groups and activities and telephone support. If you need any help or support, please call our 24 hour Freephone Dementia Helpline on 0808 808 3000.