All new Time For You applications paused due to high demand.


Launched on Tuesday 14 February, Alzheimer Scotland is now welcoming applications for grants of £200 to support unpaid carers of people with dementia living in Scotland. 
Everyone needs a break from time to time and carers are no different.  Feeling rested and refreshed brings huge benefit to your physical and mental wellbeing and can enhance the relationship you have with the person you care for. If you are a carer, the Time for You Fund offers you the chance to take a short break from your caring role to look after your own needs, too. It’s there to help you take some time for yourself, to do something that brings you joy. 

Alzheimer Scotland had the privilege of delivering a fund like this last year and we know how great the benefits can be for those caring for someone with dementia. Below are some quotes from people who enjoyed the benefits of the fund in 2022. It was hugely successful and we’re really looking forward to helping even more people this time around. Below are some quotes from previous successful applicants: 

“The time away helped me rest, recover and re-discover who I am as a person.”

“For the first time in years, I have the garden looking lovely – thank you!”

“We now add coffee or lunch to our weekly shopping trip, Mum relaxes and has a good laugh while having precious time away from caring – thank you!”

What does time for you look like?

The great thing about Time for You is that it is completely tailored to your individual needs. For some, this could mean having the time and space to enjoy a hobby, for others it could be used to pay for membership to a local gym or even a night away. Carers can apply for a grant of £200 to pay for a short break, specialist equipment or any activity of your choosing. This means that what you apply for is completely personalised to your personal circumstances. 

What is the process?

The fund is now live and will run for up to 6 months. Unpaid carers of a person living with dementia in Scotland can apply for Time for You funding, either online or via an application form that can be downloaded from our website. Each month, our friendly panel members will come together to agree successful applications based on criteria set out below.  Our panel includes people with a diagnosis of dementia and family carers. 

How can you apply?

We hope you find the Time for You application process straightforward. The application form can be found here and we encourage applications to be submitted online wherever possible. However, if you would prefer to complete a paper application, this can be downloaded here


  • Please read the following criteria and guidelines before completing the application:
  •  You must be an unpaid carer living in Scotland and caring for someone with dementia.
  •   We can only accept one application per family/household.
  •    Once your application is approved by the panel, Alzheimer Scotland will securely process the grant into your bank account by online transfer.
  •  Please allow up to 4 weeks from submitting your application to receiving your grant.
  •    The grant must be used during 2023 and for the purpose set out within the application form, 

We would love for word of this fund to spread far and wide, so please share the details with anyone you know who may be interested. This includes people we don’t already support or work with. If you have any ideas that could help us share this information further,  or if you have any questions, please let us know at [email protected]