The 7th World Congress on Adult Capacity is being held on Tuesday 7 to Thursday 9 June 2022 in Edinburgh. 

The Congress is about how well laws work for adults who need someone to help them make decisions or to take decisions for them. It is about laws in all countries across the world.

The Congress is aimed at professionals such as lawyers, doctors, social workers and researchers. It will also be interesting to people who have powers to take decisions for others, like guardians. And it might be interesting to people who have someone appointed to take their decisions.

The Congress is about making decisions when an adult has a problem that affects their thinking, such as dementia but also including adults with a learning disability, cognitive impairment, or a mental illness. It is also about protecting what rights the adult has.

The adult might need help with decisions about:

  • their money
  • where they live
  • their treatment
  • care and support
  • daily activities.

The Congress is about how the law works when other people have the power to make decisions for someone else. It’s also about how the adult can be involved in these decisions as much as possible.

Some of the topics are: 

  • How to decide if someone can or can’t take their own decisions 
  • Supporting an adult to make decisions or making decisions for them 
  • The right to be treated the same as everyone else 
  • Keeping people safe from harm 
  • Involving the adult and family and carers 
  • Improving laws and how well they work 
  • The rights every person has 
  • Experiences from COVID-19 
  • When adults who need help to make decisions can be involved in research.

The congress is looking for abstract submissions, with an extended deadline of Friday 9 January.The word limit for each abstract is 200 words. You need to provide a theme and a category for each abstract. All abstracts must be written and presented in English. Find out more and submit here

Find more information on attending the Congress here.