Consultancy and training

Alzheimer Scotland offers a wide range of tailored training packages, to improve your knowledge and dementia practice, along with an array of bespoke consultancy packages, tailored to your organisations specific needs. 

Alzheimer Scotland has an international reputation for the design and delivery of post diagnostic support models, creative practice, digital transformation of services, and is worlding leading in it's development of human rights based policies.  Our consultancy and training offerings, not only draw upon this wealth of expereince but is also based on the lived experience of people with a diagnosis of dementia.

We can share our principles, models and experience with you through our bespoke services, whether you want to visit us, would like us to come to you, or by digital means.  Simple get in touch with the team today, to discuss your needs.


The Digital Leadership Team at Alzheimer Scotland thinks outside the box. They had this unique ability to understand what we were going through and offered cost effective, realistic ways in which we could improve how we were delivering our services to people living with dementia

NHS Acute Care Team Lead