Here are what some of our training participants said of the courses they attended:

Testimonial 1

Susan presented a training session to a group of our solicitors and paralegals with a view to us recognising and knowing how to support clients with dementia. It was a complete eye-opener. Susan’s frank, emotional and incredibly well-informed presentation had us all completely engaged and we learned so much about the issues facing people with dementia, their families and their carers that we will hopefully be able to play a small part in easing some of those difficulties should legal advice be needed. I would recommend similar training to all professional organisations as dementia awareness can only benefit everyone.

Laura Blane, Partner, Thompsons Solicitors

Testimonial 5

I have had such positive feedback from the sessions already! Staff are saying that they pitched perfectly and they feel more confident with technology options. They felt it made such a difference actually seeing the products as opposed to just talking about them. The videos were fab too!

Health & Social Care Partnership, Technology Enabled Care Lead

Testimonial 3

I would not hesitate to recommend Susan to any organisation and I can honestly she has been one of the best external training facilitators we have used. “The training enabled me to gain an understanding of the different types of dementia and how it affects the brain and behaviours, it’ s highlighted my need to use person centred approach within my group” I am happy to be contacted directly if you would like any more information”.

Janice Wilson, Training Facilitator. People's Postcode Lottery

Testimonial 2

I was so impressed by the learning workshops which our staff received. They came out of the session buzzing and it was so refreshing to see how empowering it had made them feel - they couldn’t wait to try what they had learned and I felt confident to support that.

​​​​​​​Health & Social Care Partnership. Service Manager

Testimonial 4

The team at Alzheimer Scotland thinks outside the box. They had this unique ability to understand what we were going through and offered cost effective, realistic ways in which we could improve how we were delivering our services to people living with dementia.

NHS Acute Care, Team Lead