Alzheimer Scotland works nationally and locally to make sure that nobody faces dementia alone. Our member led campaigning and awareness raising groups, the Scottish Dementia Working Group (SDWG) and the National Dementia Carers Action Network (NDCAN) help us to ensure that the voices of people living with dementia and unpaid carers are always heard. We want decision makers to listen to people with lived experience of dementia when making decisions which will impact on their lives. We make sure that people who make decisions about policy, strategy, services, support and legislation see dementia as a priority and understand what is needed to ensure people are well supported. By working alongside people with dementia, their families and carers, and with the Scottish Government, Local Authorities, Health Boards, Integrated Joint Boards, universities, businesses, community groups and the public, we can make sure as many people as possible are aware of dementia and understand how they can help people with dementia live well with the condition.

Ian blog

Ian's story

Ian Campbell joined the Scottish Dementia Working Group (SDWG) in 2018. In his blog, Ian shares his experience of diagnosis, talks about the impact that lockdown has had on his life, and tells us why being a campaigner is so important to him. 

Read Ian's story here 

Ian Campbell at Scotland's Dementia Awards


NDCAN member at Scotland's Dementia Awards

Jeanette's story

Jeanette Maitland has been a member of the National Dementia Carers Action Network (NDCAN) since it was founded in 2011. A committee member and campaigner, Jeanette shares with us in her blog the story of the work done by her local Musical Memories group during lockdown.  

Read Jeanette's story here 


A recording by Morven Mackay

This short podcast was made by Stirling University student Morven Mackay, whose grandmother has dementia. This excellent and well produced podcast was in collaboration with another charity, however we are sharing it as it demonstrates the hidden impact of the pandemic in a powerful way. Morven says: 

"As my gran's dementia has progressed, my grandad has been struggling to meet the level of care that she needs. During the coronavirus pandemic, everything became harder. I made this podcast to share his experience in the hopes that it can help raise awareness for him and others in similar situations."