Recently diagnosed?

Newly diagnosed recently dementia
If you, or someone close to you has recently been diagnosed with dementia, there is support available.

Your right to support

The Scottish Government has guaranteed a year’s post-diagnostic support for everyone diagnosed with dementia from April 2013. 

What is post-diagnostic support?

There are five key aspects of post-diagnostic support which will help you to:

  • understand the illness and manage your symptoms
  • be supported to keep up your community connections and make new ones
  • peer support  - have the chance to meet other people with dementia and their partners and families
  • plan for future decision-making
  • plan for your future support.

How do I access post-diagnostic support?

In many areas this is provided by Alzheimer Scotland’s Dementia Link Workers on behalf of the NHS. In other areas post-diagnostic support is provided by NHS staff. 

You can ask your doctor to refer you for post-diagnostic support, or use the search box on this page to find out if Alzheimer Scotland has a Dementia Link Worker or other post-diagnostic support in your area.

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