Renfrewshire Services

What we offer

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  • Paisley Day Care (Monday to Saturday 10am –3pm)
  • Paisley Evening Care (Thursday 3pm - 8pm)
  • Home Support Services (day, evening, night, weekend)
  • Audio/Video Library
  • Support Groups
  • Singing Memories Group
  • Community Connections Project
  • Dementia Cafés
  • Football Reminiscence Groups
  • Supper Club
  • Befriending Service: The befriending service is aimed at people who are in the early stages of dementia and/or do not receive any support from formal services. Being matched with a befriender gives people the opportunity to meet regularly with a trained volunteer in their own home, be accompanied out for a walk or to the shops or a whole range of activities agreed upon by the service.
  • Self Directed Support Advisor: SDS provides a range of options to allow an individual to arrange some or all of their care & support instead of receiving directly-provided services from their local authority. Our SDS Advisor offers support & assistance to people with dementia and their families to access and use SDS. 
Key staff
  • Service Manager – Gerry McCoy 
  • Administrator - Anne Strachan 
  • Day Care Organiser - Elaine Edgar
  • Practice Team Leader - Alison Hamilton
  • Evening Care Organiser – Hilda McCann
  • Support Workers - Pauline Cruikshanks, Surinder Shan, Sandra McCallum
  • Driver – Donald Muir
  • Project Worker Community Connections – Wendy Craig
  • Dementia Advisor – Iain Houston
  • Volunteer Coordinator and Self-directed Support Advisor – Elizabeth Hamilton

Fiona Dunwoodie, Service Manager
Direct line: 0141 410 5311
Memory Lane Club, 32 Riccartsbar Avenue, Paisley, PA2 6BG
0141 887 1289
07766 703 452
[email protected]
Call now on 0141 887 1289
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