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Dementia Advisor: our Dementia Advisor supports people with dementia, their families and carers and works with local communities. The Dementia Advisor can connect you to local groups or services or introduce you to the cafes run by Alzheimer Scotland where people and their families can get together on a monthly basis. This is a group for people who are able to attend safely on their own or who are accompanied by someone to support them. -

Margaret Corbett, Dementia Advisor, (Central & South) Tel: 01224 644077 Mob: 07769 366175                                                 Email:[email protected]     

Laura Crockett, Dementia Advisor  (North)                                    Tel:01261 819066.  Mob: 07825 242381                                   Email [email protected]   

Community Activities Organiser: (Anouk Kahanov-Kloppert) supports people with dementia and their families to help maintain social activities, relationships and community connections. Your Community Activities organiser can plan and facilitate a range of social activities that people tell us they are interested in.

Call now on 01261 819066

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Janice Caine, Service Manager
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Call now on 01261 819066
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