Bridgeton Dementia Resource Centre and Day Care

What we offer

The Bridgeton Dementia Resource Centre is for people affected by dementia and their carers, friends and family members to access information, support and advice. We run drop-in cafes, carers training and support groups and a range of therapeutic and interest based supports and social activities.

Our dementia specialist day centre is located next door to our resource centre providing dementia specialist day care for adults over 65 who have a diagnosis of dementia. Our day centre offers a safe space to access social opportunities provided by trained dementia specialist staff.  We also have a service designed for people who are diagnosed under the age of 65 – our younger person’s team are based within the resource centre.

The Resource Centre is open Mon-Fri (9–5).  The Day Care is open Monday to Friday (9–5).

Key staff

Margo Sweeney (Dementia Advisor)

Amanda Savage (Practice Team Leader)

Yvonne Cannon (Administrator)

Lynne Meek (Early Onset Link Worker)

Arlene Crockett (Service Manager)

Jane Brown (Early Onset LW)

Marilyn Boyd (Community Fundraiser)

Kevin Black (Dementia Advisor)

Chris Kelly (Community Activity Organiser),

Polly Mark (Dementia Advisor),

Anne Davie (Counsellor)

Arlene Crockett, Service Manager
11 Bridgeton Cross, Glasgow, G40 1BN
0141 429 6428
[email protected]
Call now on 0141 429 6428
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