The Singing Group in North West Edinburgh

What we offer

2.00-4.00pm, 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month

Who is this group for?

It is for people with Dementia accompanied by a carer or escort, who enjoy singing and who are still able to live at home in the community. The group also provides support for their carer(s).

Who are we?

We are a voluntary association that provides opportunities for people with Dementia and their carer(s) to come together to socialise and to sing, with the emphasis on enjoyment and fun.  We are not a choir, and do not aim for performance. The group uses the approach championed by Diana Kerr “Singing Groups for people with Dementia”

What happens?

We meet for refreshments and a chat first, giving people a chance to socialise and also to find support from volunteers and other members of the group. We sing together enjoyably and in a relaxed atmosphere for around 45 minutes. Words are put up on a screen so it’s easy for everyone to follow. There is a singing leader and an accompanist. Our repertoire is varied and is built upon requests from members. Songs include favourites from yesteryear, songs from musicals and films, and some rounds. Often there is a simple music quiz, and each session includes a selection of Scottish songs as these are very popular. We sit in a circle to allow everyone to feel equal and not identified by their illness. This helps to promote feelings of belonging. 

The Sessions give participants a positive view of life. The lively atmosphere encourages communication and helps to relieve the tension and isolation that illnesses such as Dementia can bring about. These benefits, experienced by all, often extend beyond the sessions as people return home.

What are our aims?

The Singing Group offers stimulating and social activities designed to enhance well-being, and provide enjoyment and confidence to lives affected by memory problems and Dementia. Research shows that such activity reduces stress and agitation — encouraging a ‘feel good’ factor in all.  There is no charge, but a small donation towards refreshments is appreciated.


On direct bus route 24 and 200, both stop outside the church. Free parking available in Easter Drylaw Place adjacent to the church. 

For more details please contact:

Rosemary King               0131 554 7621
Linda Rosborough          0131 467 3399
Anne Fallow                   0131 551 3104
Ali Bruff                          0131 467 9354
Phil Woodhead              01620 826961

Rosemary King
Drylaw Parish Church Hall, Groathill Road North Edinburgh , Edinburgh, EH4 2RG
0131 554 7621
[email protected]
Call now on 0131 554 7621
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