Dementia Advice Surgery - Midlothian

What we offer

Our Dementia Advisor runs this Advice Surgery for carers in partnership with VOCAL on the last Friday of the month. 

The surgery consists of hour-long appointments for carers to talk in a safe, confidential space about any concerns or issues they have regarding their role caring for someone with dementia.

Our Dementia Advisor can support carers to think about and develop strategies for supporting people to live well with dementia, as well as to look after their own health and well-being as a carer.

To book an appointment, please contact VOCAL on 0131 663 6869. Appointments will take place at Vocal Midlothian Carer Centre 30/1 Hardengreen Industrial Estate (off Dalhousie Road) Dalkeith, EH22 3NX 

Michael Huddleston, Dementia Advisor
30/1 Hardengreen Industrial Estate, Dalkeith, EH22 3NX
0131 663 6869
[email protected]
Call now on 0131 663 6869
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