What does it do?

  • It's a kettle with a transparent body to let you see how much water there is inside
  • It lights up when it's on, so you're more aware if it's on or off
  • The large comfortable handle gives you a good grip
  • The button to open the lid is black on a white handle and stands out

What’s the problem?

  • Switching on an empty kettle can burn it out
  • Sometimes you boil the kettle, but forget about it

Manufacturer: Stellar

Approximate cost: £90

What to search for to buy online: stellar glass kettle


What I liked

Contrasting colours on handle/button makes it easier to see how to operate.
Transparency helps to see the level of the water and it looks really nice.

What I disliked

The button to open the lid can be confused for the on/off switch.

What is interesting

There are many transparent kettles on the market but this is one of the vey few with a white handle with a black button.

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Review date
19 July 2019

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