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Digital courses

Alzheimer Scotland’s new Digital Leadership Team advocates for digital literacy and inclusion for ALL our stakeholders.

We want people living with dementia to fully utilise all the potential mechanisms of support available to them at each and every stage of their dementia journey, including digital technology.

Our digital courses, both modular and bespoke learning options, are aimed at the health and social care workforce, including senior management and executive teams, to demonstrate the options available to people living with dementia and those who care for and support them.

What can we offer you? 

  • Practical and inspiring learning experiences, bespoke designed to meet your organisational and staff needs – delivered in our specially designed training rooms or where you are
  • Informative tours of our Digital Dementia Resource Centre’s, where you can interact with fully functioning technology, which has been tried and tested by people living with dementia and their carers
  • ‘Objective insight’ on site visits and dialogue with stakeholders, complete with full analysis and independent reporting services – we will work with you in the environments you need us, offering realistic solutions to develop and improve services
  • Interior design consultancy – offering a future-proof, user experience- led design dialogue and implementation plan
  • Advice, guidance and signposting on national and international digital strategy, inclusion, upskilling, interoperability, user consultation and experience discovery
  • A flexible pricing approach – our consultancy offering is built in a modular way so you have choice in what you need and can afford

What will we deliver for you?

We will support you to achieve your outcomes and improve your services to people living with dementia and their carers by

  • understanding the digital knowledge, skills & responsibilities expected of your service in a changing landscape
  • identifying and exploring areas of strengths or gaps in learning, and offer solutions
  • preparing your team for work based practical applications of skills and knowledge
  • creating opportunities to reflect, develop and share information learned
  • building on what has been learned and highlighted so you can continue to pursue opportunities to expand and promote excellence in dementia care

Contact us: [email protected]

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