Welcome to the Virtual Resource Centre

We are excited to welcome you to our Virtual Resource Centre Reception!

On the walls, you'll find bricks and photos with messages from people who have supported this development. We've been overwhelmed by the generosity of our community to the extent that we will soon run out of space here, so we're building a gallery which will be available to view soon, and your images and bricks will be viewable there permanently.

How to Navigate the Virtual Resource Centre

If you're viewing on a computer, use your mouse or touch pad to move around. Your usual left click will allow you to spin around, your scroll will let you zoom in and out, and the right-click will let you pan left, right, up and down.  Panning works best when you're zoomed out.

If you're viewing on a phone or tablet, it's best if you turn your device on it's side and view it in landscape format.  Pinch will zoom you in and out, and tap and drag to spin around. 

If you'd like to view the reception area on full screen, click here.