One thing, not everything 

Welcome to Dementia Awareness Week 2023. Each year, Dementia Awareness Week (DAW) is held with the aim of raising awareness of dementia and helping improve the lives of people with dementia, their families and carers. This year, we will consider the stigma people with dementia continue to face, with a particular focus on those facing it earlier in life. Dementia doesn’t discriminate, so why should we? We want you to see the person behind the diagnosis. Dementia does not define someone. People with dementia can learn new things, continue with work and hobbies, and live a full, enjoyable life. 

Dementia is just one thing about a person – it’s not everything.

Thank you so much to all our amazing contributors, Stuart, Ruth, Kevin, Sean and Maureen, for sharing their stories. Thank you also to members of both the Scottish Dementia Working Group and the National Dementia Carers Action Network for supporting and helping to shape the content – particularly ‘talking our language’. We hope this year’s campaign will help develop a better understanding of dementia, the stigma people face and the small things you can do to help people around you. Dementia is just one thing about a person, it's not everything. 



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