Our website has been created with accessibility in mind. It has been optimised where possible for a range of web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari, running on computers and handheld devices such as smart phones and tablets.
We know that people may want to choose or need to access information in different ways. Below is some information on ways you can help make your website visit an enjoyable and useful experience.

Screen readers
The Alzheimer Scotland website is screen reader friendly. If you have difficulty reading text on screen or just prefer to listen, you can use screen reader technology. Screen readers are able to read any text that is displayed on the screen to the user. For more information please see the useful links below:

For examples of the type of free and premium products available for use, read the RNIB’s information on screen readers

Find out more about how screen readers work from this BBC video
More information on technology which can help, including information on the iPad’s screen reader, check out the RNIB’s website. 
Text resizing and colour

If you find the text too small to read or the contrast/colour on web pages unclear, there are different ways you can change how you view the website. For example, can change settings on your web browser or computer to improve readability of websites.

Please visit the BBC website 'My web my way' for suggestions and instructions on changing your browser settings. Please note: this BBC page is no longer being actively updated, although the information may still be useful. 

Dementia friendly?
We are doing all we can to make sure all our materials including our website are dementia friendly as possible. This is an ongoing process and we welcome feedback and suggestions from our supporters. If you have any particular problems reading or navigating the website please get in touch with us at [email protected] as your experience can help us improve our website’s design.