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Bill and I live in Dundee. We met at school, so to speak! He was the headmaster and I was a new teacher and we’ve been married for 36 years.

Bill and Isobel Duff   Christmas 1999
Bill & Isobel, Christmas 1999

Bill was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2001. I can't praise the Alzheimer Scotland staff highly enough. They’ve been great to Bill and me all these years. I don’t know what we would have done without them!

Bill’s been part of their Early Stages Men’s Group and started gardening at the allotment, going on day trips to the Golf Museum at St Andrews and having a great time at the Christmas party in Perth every year. They were always busy out and about and Bill had a wonderful time.

Bill loves singing and we go to Total Recall every Friday
afternoon. That’s the Alzheimer Scotland choir in Dundee. We do concerts and public performances. We’ve even sung with Scottish Opera! We never miss a practice.

Bill’s always been a big Rangers fan and he loves going to Football Memories. He really enjoys chatting to the guys about some of the old games and players. He also goes to the Dundee Dementia Resource Centre every Thursday.

Your gift to Alzheimer Scotland this Christmas will help them to support thousands of people like us across Scotland.

Merry Christmas,
from Bill and Isobel x