Dementia research is vitally important, for both now and the future. Below are some examples of research that Alzheimer Scotland are involved in.

The Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Brain Tissue Bank is a collaboration between the Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre (ASDRC) and the NHS Research Scotland Neuroprogressive and Dementia Research Network (NDN). The Brain Tissue Bank is able to accept donations of brain tissue from people with a diagnosis of dementia who live on mainland Scotland. 

The Scottish Dementia Research Consortium (SDRC) is a network of dementia researchers, policy makers and people living with dementia from across Scotland. They have 5 key research themes – Diagnosis, Fundamental Science, Living with Dementia, Prevention and Informatics. 

Join Dementia Research (JDR) is a nationwide online and telephone service that makes it easier for people to register their interest in volunteering for dementia research studies. Anyone can register as a volunteer by visiting the JDR website. You don’t need to have a diagnosis of dementia. 

Below you can find out a bit more about dementia research and how you can get involved.

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