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Liam Doyle is a talented Glasgow-based singer-songwriter whose career is going from strength to strength. At just 22 years old, he's accrued over 10K YouTube subscribers, supported acts like Ben Montague and Stevie McCrorie, toured with others such as Nina Nesbitt, as well as winning a nationwide competition. Liam has chosen to donate the proceeds of his new single, "Fade Away", to Alzheimer Scotland. We caught up with Liam to ask him about the story behind the song:

Basically, while I was writing for my EP, I was looking to write about something a bit more than the usual love story kind of thing. I was talking to my mum and she brought up my great-grandad – who lived with us when he had dementia. She had been his full time carer, and we'd all seen the way he'd declined over time as she looked after him. "Fade Away" is written from her perspective. It's the quickest song I've ever written – and one of the songs I'm most proud of.

My mum and dad struggled with it because, having 4 kids in the house, it caused problems. Especially when he started to become a danger to himself (like forgetting to turn the gas off, for example). Mum had to adapt to not only looking after her 4 kids, but my great-grandad as well. With that being said though, she wouldn't have had it any other way other than caring for him herself.

I was about 6 when he passed, so I didn't really understand what was wrong with him at the time. I was aware that he wasn't like he used to be, but I just thought he was trying to wind me up! I remember that I would argue with him over silly things – like him stealing one of my kids CDs. It was as if he'd reverted back to childhood, and his personality had totally changed.

I remember that he was always listening to music. He played harmonica all the time, as well. And my twin brother played piano and sang, and that kind of drove me to learn an instrument too. But I wouldn't say anyone in my family really influenced me musically. I think I just really found the passion on my own – which I think is good, in a way.

My career highlight so far has been having my song mastered at Abbey Road studios. That was an incredible, indescribable feeling. I've been down in London quite frequently over the past year with my music, but I'd always been stood on the outside wishing I could get in. It felt surreal walking through the gates. I was scouting the place for famous people the whole time I was there!

I think people should support Alzheimer Scotland because there are so many people who are affected, and it has such a devastating impact on the lives of not only those with Alzheimer's or dementia, but those who care for them. In order to find out more about the disease and work towards a possible cure, I believe that these organisations need as much donations and support as possible.

"Fade Away" was released today. You can purchase it from iTunes here (with the proceeds going directly to Alzheimer Scotland). You can follow Liam on TwitterFacebook and Youtube.