London Marathon (2022)
 Thank you for your interest in joining #TeamAlzScot! We are so grateful to everyone who wants to run for us at the London Marathon but we have limited places available. Unfortunately this means we can't offer a place to everyone who applies. We use this form to allocate our places so please fill it out as fully as you can. 

About you!
Where did you hear about charity places from Alzheimer Scotland?
Have you applied to this years ballot?
If we are able to offer you a place and you have applied for the ballot, we will hold your place until the ballot is announced. Either you will get a ballot place (and can still choose to run for us and raise funds) or be able to take up your charity place with #TeamAlzScot
Your fundraising experience
Maybe you've participated in different sporting or fundraising events, or supported in other ways like donating or volunteering? What did you do and how much were you able to raise?
Please give a few ideas of how you could raise the funds. Don't worry though - we'll be there to support you through it!     
Can your employer support you through matched funding?
Many employers will match an employee's fundraising, so it's always worth checking if this is a policy at your workplace!
Use this space to tell us anything not covered above. We are always keen to hear interesting or inspiring stories about our runners so if you have a story to share, please do!
I understand that if accepted for an Alzheimer Scotland guaranteed place, I will pay an upfront, non-refundable registration fee of £150 and raise a minimum of £2300 sponsorship for Alzheimer Scotland.