8-year-old Heather gets creative in Lockdown to support Alzheimer Scotland

Young supporter Heather Bryson has been doing something phenomenal during lockdown to keep busy whilst raising funds for charity at the same time. Inspired by a programme on TV Heather started creating birdfeeders from china teacups and saucers.

Heather’s mother is a Link Worker in Forth Valley for Alzheimer Scotland, and she told us:

“Heather struggled with lockdown, as did many of the people we support. After several attempts to engage her with different projects she finally found something herself to focus on. After watching a TV programme she decided to make birdfeeders by re-cycling china cups and saucers. She bought a tea set from the local charity shop and made bird feeders for gifts for our family.”

Heather and her birdfeeders

Following praise from her family, Heather decided with the help of Deborah to start a Facebook group to reach a wider audience and start selling her birdfeeders, of which a percentage is donated to Alzheimer Scotland.

Heather shared why she wanted to support the charity, saying:

“I wanted to help the older generation. Mummy works for Alzheimer Scotland so I got the chance to gain my Dementia Friends badge. It makes you feel happy when people give you nice comments and it gives me the opportunity to speak to people and I gain confidence from that.”

Although Heather does not necessarily recognise when someone is living with dementia, Deborah tells us:

“Heather sees everyone as an individual not realising that many of the people she spends time in her Granny’s care home have a diagnosis. She knows that she just needs to be patient and understanding when they forget things or sometimes repeats themselves.”

Dementia Friends Scotland is an Alzheimer Scotland initiative to raise awareness of dementia and reduce stigma. Anybody can become a Scottish Dementia Friend. It’s just about understanding a bit more about dementia and the small things you can do to help people living with dementia.

Heather's success has grown, and she was invited to a craft fair where she sold out of all products and was able to raise awareness (and funds) for the charity. As support grows, Heather and Deborah have been in discussion with the Charity Champion for Morrisons and plans are underway for Heather to set up a stall across several Morrisons supermarkets.


Deborah tells us:

“The positive feedback she has received from the general public and through Facebook has been phenomenal. From struggling, to gaining her confidence again it’s been a heartwarming experience. It proves that at any age if you manage to get a focus then the future can be brighter.”

Heather has raised £108.74 so far for Alzheimer Scotland and she hopes to continue raising funds, awareness and to encourage more younger people to be creative and support charities.

Alzheimer Scotland are so grateful for Heather and wish her luck as she continues to create her beautiful birdfeeders!

Heather creating birdfeeders

If you would like to support Heather, visit her Facebook page here