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On this page, you will find blog posts from our members sharing their lived experiences as people with a diagnosis of dementia living in Scotland. There are also links to our latest Flash Reports, as well as videos the SDWG have been featured in.

SDWG Flash Reports

Active Voice in conversation with Speech & Language Therapy Students - 2024

Active Voice at Alzheimer's Disease International Conference 2024

City of Glasgow College Student Awareness Session - May 2024

The ALLIANCE Conference - May 2024

Active Voice Brain Sciences Lab Visit - February 2024

Active Voice Local to National Newsletter - Sep-Dec 2023

Rehabilitation for people living with dementia: Promoting an Allied Health Professional Human-Rights Based Approach - November 2023

‘Tour of the Labs’ – Exploring Dementia Research - November 2023

Active Voice Alzheimer Europe Conference Newsletter - October 2023

SDWG Filming Day, Career Guidance & Dementia Research - October 2023

Alzheimer Scotland Annual Conference - September 2023

Global Ageing Conference 2023 - September 2023

SDWG Local Engagement Newsletter- August 2023

A Commissioner for Older People in Scotland - August 2023

Scotland's National Care Service - Making Sure Our Voice Is Heard - August 2023

Delivering high-quality Post Diagnostic Support - August 2023

Active Voice DAW Newsletter - June 2023

Business Meeting: Looking Back & Planning Ahead - May 2023

Visit to Kilmarnock Dementia Resource Centre - April 2023

Getting to Know Me - April 2023

Scottish Dementia Research Consortium Conference - April 2023

National Dementia Learning and Sharing Network - March 2023

Let's Talk about Dementia Conference - March 2023

Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy & Practice 10 year Celebration Event - March 2023

Dementia and Hospitals Collaborative - March 2023

Working with Police Scotland - February 2023

Scottish Chamber Orchestra ReConnect Tea Dance - February 2023

In conversation with Speech & Language Therapy students - February 2023

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Animation Co-design project - Stuart's story

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