Glasgow family join up for their 8th Memory Walk in remembrance of loved ones

Amy Rennie from Glasgow is once again walking with her family to remember and honour their loved ones no longer with them.


This year 18* family members are meeting on Saturday 19th September in Strathclyde Park to take part in Memory Walk Big Weekend 2020. The family have walked at this location over the years and have chosen to meet there again as a fitting tribute.

The family will walk in memory of many loved ones who have lived with dementia and are sadly no longer with them; Elizabeth Wilson, Jean Rennie, Elizabeth Emans, Bessie Welsh, Anne Farrell and Betty Ward.

Amy Rennie MW family

Amy tells us:

“We started walking for Alzheimer Scotland in 2013 as a small group of 4. This was in support for my gran who had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Between 2013 – 2019 we have grown from that group of 4 to a group of 18. This is due to other family members/friend’s family members being diagnosed with dementia. Every member of the group has been a care-giver to those affected in our own ways.”

Speaking about the support they received, Amy explains many of them benefited:

“Most of those we walk for had help from Alzheimer Scotland. Whether that be befrienders, clubs or just general support. We highly recommend these services as not only did it help those with Alzheimer's, it gave family members piece of mind and a break away from the reality of Alzheimer's.”

Alzheimer Scotland's staff and volunteers have worked incredibly hard to ensure that no one is on their own during the pandemic. Our Helpline, Dementia Advisors, Link Workers, Community Activity Organisers and local support teams continue to support thousands of people.

Although this year's Memory Walk is different, Amy is excited to take part in her first virtual event:

“We haven’t taken part in a virtual event before, but we are really looking forward to it. Its once a year we know that families get together for a fun day out. It’s also a time of reflection for us, we get a chance to speak about those we have lost and have a family day of remembrance. You get a bit of exercise and know you have done something for a good cause to help those affected by dementia in Scotland.”

Alzheimer Scotland are delighted to have devoted supporters like Amy and her family, as we relay on fundraised income to provide our services. To support Amy and her family you can donate to their JustGiving here

MW 2013-2019


*Social distancing guidelines will always be adhered to and the number of people taking part in this walk is in line with social distancing as it includes children under 18.