On Friday 13th May in Cupar Baptist Church, a group of P7 classmates from Castlehill Primary School, put on a Fundraising Soiree for Alzheimer Scotland. The evening of music and poetry raised an amazing £412 in total and got the whole class and their family and friends talking about dementia. 

The event was organised thanks to the hard work of Lucy, 10, who has embarked on a fundraising campaign in honour of her Papa who lives with vascular dementia. Lucy's grandfather, Hugh, is 81 years old and living with vascular dementia. Lucy and Hugh are very close and enjoy listening to music and dancing together.

Lucy has been using her creativity and love of reading by making bookmarks and writing poems and stories to educate and inspire. 

Lucy's classmates Charlie and Hollie said “the event was really successful and fun.”

Determined Lucy has also sold bookmarks to her class mates and presented her story on dementia at school. Lucy and her teacher undertook a Community Fundraiser evening where she created flyers, complied emails for both parents and teachers. Lucy also wrote to her classmates asking for volunteers and anyone willing to sell cakes on the night.

“It was great to entertain lots of friends, family and neighbours and to raise lots of money." (Lucy)

During the Community Fundraiser, Lucy, prepared a presentation for the night and played the fiddle and piano that included a duet with her teacher. Lucy’s classmates also undertook poetry. Lucy also made bookmarks to sell on the night to raise profits for Alzheimer Scotland.

Lucy would like to thank classmates Sonny, Julie, Fraser and her teacher Mrs Duncan, who performed on the evening, Nina who helped make the bookmarks, and Hollie, Ty, Charlie, Max, Emily and Phoebe who were guests and helpers.

Recently, Lucy has done 2 car boot sales and sold cakes to neighbours, raising a total of £168.84! This was thanks to the generous donations from friends, neighbours and the local community.

Well done to all involved and a massive appreciation to the exceptional Lucy in her fundraising efforts!

Lucy fundraises in dedication to her papa