Alzheimer Scotland welcomes the commitment from the Scottish Government to develop a fourth dementia strategy. We commend the level of engagement and central role that people with personal experience of living with dementia have played in the design of the strategy. In our view, the strategy sets out an aspirational vision for the future and covers many important areas that need to change or be improved in that context.

We will not be able to fully develop a view until we see what priorities, targets and commitments are laid out in the proposed delivery plans. We hope these plans will encapsulate the commitments from the previous strategies which have not yet been fully delivered, as well as developing on the new vision. At present there are unacceptable waiting times to receive a diagnosis and for accessing local community care services, which are placing untold pressures on families across Scotland.

Improving the experience of people with dementia in general hospitals and exploring alternative options to residential care form some of the most critical areas requiring support and investment. These are stated as part of the new vision and we look forward to seeing how they will be tackled through the delivery plans.

You can read our report published in December 2022 in response to the strategy consultation here, and our public engagement response here.