April 2 marks International Children's Book day. We are sharing a range of books for children that aim to increase overall understanding of dementia and how they can help support people living with condition. 

The recommendations below are from a variety of colleagues within Alzheimer Scotland, NDCAN members (National Dementia Carers Action Network) and carers. 

Book Recommendations

Big Bear, Little Bear and Dementia

Book for children to raise awareness of dementia

Big Bear is living with dementia and can no longer always do the things that Big Bears do. Little Bear feels confused by this and approaches Doctor Bear for support. Little Bear learns that our loves, laughs and memories are stored inside memory books, which are affected by dementia. Little Bear discovers that although Big Bear can no longer read the memory books, the loves, laughs and memories they share are stored safely inside Big Bears heart- Big Bear is still Big Bear! 

My book about Brains, Change and Dementia

Book for children about dementia

'Sometimes, a person's brain gets sick with a disease called dementia.' What does dementia do to the brain? What changes might we notice if a parent or grandparent has the disease? How might we feel about it and what can help? This book breaks down misconceptions about dementia and speaks directly to children aged under 5 about the realities of the disease, using age appropriate language in an engaging and informative way. It reassures parents of the value of open and honest conversation about the challenges raised by dementia and offers advice and support in the opening 'Guide for grown ups'. It includes a diverse audience of characters, to emphasise that ANY child can be impacted by dementia in their loved ones. Unlike traditional storybooks, the ending provides a question for the adult and child reading it to ponder together.  

Find out more about the book here.

My Grandma Has Dementia

Book for children about dementia

My Grandma has Dementia, aimed at ages four to 10, explores and explains what life can be like for someone living with the condition and their family. The book also aims to give children an understanding of how they can help to support people with dementia.  

More Book Recommendations

Peg, Puddin' and Me

Book for children about dementia

Peg, Puddin’ and Me is an inter-generational book, designed to be dementia friendly. The thought provoking tale is intended to be shared by different generations, together. The book aims to provide a resource of engagement for generations to read together. It is also designed to engage those living with dementia, their carers and their visitors; with the hope that it would be something at hand or at mind when in need of focus or conversation.  

The Dementia Diaries

Book for children about dementia

The Dementia Diaries is an illustrated children’s book which tells the stories of 8 young people and their experiences of living with dementia in their families through four characters’ diaries. The book follows the stories of Brie, Sam, Sarah and Fred as they learn about dementia and how it affects their grandparents on a day-by-day basis. It’s a view of dementia through the eyes of young people which aims to dispels the fears and myths associated with the condition.

Travels With My Granny

Book for children about dementia

A sensitive introduction to old-age confusion and dementia, through the loving and imaginative relationship between Granny and her grandchild – and their colourful journeys. Travels With My Granny teaches children about a variety of countries and continents in an extremely enjoyable way. The story can be interpreted as a fabulous flight of fantasy, but it's also an interesting exploration of dementia.